Glow glow glow! 5 reasons to use vitamin C

Do you dream of plump skin and a radiant complexion? Are dark circles under your eyes a concern? If so, vitamin C is the perfect ingredient for you - suitable for all skin types and ages, read on to find out why we love it so much…

Glow glow glow! 5 reasons to use vitamin C
Glow glow glow! 5 reasons to use vitamin C

How vitamin C affects the skin

Vitamin C found in Nordic cloudberries, helps to firm and protect the skin while making it appear more radiant.

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INSIDER TIPS: Julia, Nordic-C Brand Manager

Our no. 1 bestseller is the Nordic‑C Glow Boost Essence – and for good reason. This power‑packed serum provides a glow like no other. Keep scrolling for Julia's insider tips to perfecting the glowy skin of your dreams with the other products from the Nordic‑C collection...


"If your main skin goal is a glowy complexion, look for skin care with antioxidants, especially vitamin C that is known for its radiance‑boosting properties. Wild Arctic cloudberry that we use in all Nordic‑C products is another great source of antioxidants."


"If you want to step up your glow game and prevent the first signs of ageing at the same time, consider the latest Nordic‑C innovation, Triple Glow Radiance Elixir. It provides ultimate radiance, intensely hydrates and protects skin’s youthful appearance."


"The best Nordic‑C solution for dry skin is another iconic serum, Arctic Berry Oil‑Cocktail. It’s a bi‑phase formula, meaning that it has an oil and a water phase. Shake them well to mix Nordic antioxidant‑rich berries with a cocktail of skin caring vitamins for a moisturized complexion."


"My favourite skincare product to use in the morning is Nordic‑C Glow Boost Eye Serum. Not only jam‑packed with vitamin C, Arctic cloudberry, hyaluronic acid and polyglutamic acid, it also has a slight tint with light reflecting pigments to instantly freshen up the eye area and make me look more awake and energized."

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Which form to choose?

Vitamin C is used in different forms across cosmetic products. Pure vitamin C (ascorbic acid) does not efficiently absorb into the skin and it loses its efficacy when exposed to light and oxygen – it is also easily degraded in products that contain water. In terms of your skin, vitamin C has no use if it has lost its viability.

This is why LUMENE uses a stabilised vitamin C that absorbs well without irritating the skin. LUMENE uses vitamin C derivatives such as ascorbyl glucoside, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate and ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate.

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