Invisible Illumination: 3 makeup must-haves

Introducing 3 glow-giving essentials from our Invisible Illumination collection - Liquid Bronzer, Liquid Blush and Instant Illuminizer. Follow our easy application guide for a luminous look and discover how these products combine skincare and make-up in an entirely new way.
Invisible Illumination: 3 makeup must-haves
Invisible Illumination: 3 makeup must-haves


“Make‑up artists and industry insiders swear by these silky glow‑givers ‑ sheer, glossy and easy to layer up.”

1. Liquid Bronzer

Apply small drops of bronzer on the jawline, under the cheekbones and on the hairline for that back-from-holiday glow. Available in Summer Glow and Deep Glow shades.

2. Liquid Blush

Carefully dot liquid blush onto the cheeks. This lightweight liquid is not only easy to blend but stays put for hours. Available in Pink Blossom and Bright Bloom shades.

3. Instant Illuminizer

Apply small drops of highlighter on the nose, on the highest part of cheekbones and under the eyebrows - then blend for a radiant Nordic glow! Available in Rosy Dawn and Golden Hour shades.

Makeup meets skincare: a sheer formula boosted with Vitamin E and Nordic Willowherb for a radiant finish.


Infused with...

Lumene UK

Wild Cloudberry

These golden berries are a rare Lapland treasure - they contain twice as much Vitamin C than their equivalent weight of oranges!

Lumene UK

Nordic Algae

Often compared with Hyaluronic acid, this super ingredient actually hydrates skin 3 times more effectively, leaving skin plump and bouncy.

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Contains natural Ellagitannins, a super antioxidant that enhances skin, leaving it energized and radiant.

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Vitamin E

Helps to shield skin against free radicals, which cause damage to the skin. It also promotes moisture retention and is essential to healthy-looking skin.

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We aren't the only ones swooning over our Invisible Illumination products - discover what the Beauty Editor from Sheerluxe had to say...

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Lumene UK

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